Utility Apps Every Windows User Must Have

When using a computer, we are greeted with options on the type of apps to install. While your choice will rest solely on what you need done with your PC, there are however, some utility software you need to installed to make life easier when using your computer.

Here is a list of utility software you should have installed on your computer especially if you use Windows operating system.

Franz: Messaging App

Franz is a free cross-service messaging app.
Franz is a free cross-service messaging app.

We are all engulfed in the social media. Except one lives under the rock, social media messaging services are used by everyone one that is connected to the internet. We all know how many of such services we have to cope with every day, so much that they are becoming too many to have time for.

Franz is a messaging app that allows you to have all messaging services in one place and in a window you can simply manage. It allows you to add as many messaging services to the app so you have them all in one view. So, getting your WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Telegram and other social media accounts in this app gives you comfort and to relate better with your friends. Franz allows you to add a new tab for every service.

ShareX: Screenshot App

ShareX: Different Capture Methods
ShareX: Different Capture Methods

Screenshots are useful for keeping records such as vital information or exciting moments. Using windows basic screenshot is not flexible enough to give all you’d want in your screenshot. ShareX is a great screenshot app that is free to use. It offers different capture methods, extra tools and an automated process for your screenshot. You’ll find tools like the ruler and color grabber with other outstanding features on the app. Its inbuilt editor is a powerful design that is based on Greenshot’s model.


f.lux is an automated software that adjusts the screen’s display color to prevent straining your eyes during night hours. At sunset, it automatically warms up the color and returns it to normal in the daytime. You have options as well to manually regulate the lighting to your preference for night and day. This is a useful app all windows users must have.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer logo
Team Viewer logo

Team viewer is the software that allows you to share your desktop with another in a remote location. If you want to check exactly what someone does on his computer, this simple tool allows you to do that. Remote employers who pay per hour can find this tool useful to monitor their employee’s activity on the computer.

Sumatra PDF

You might wonder what a PDF reader is doing here. Sumatra PDF is more than just a PDF reader. It is a utility app with other capabilities. It not only read PDF files but supports other notable formats like Mobi, ePub, DjVu, Comic Book and CHM. With its simple user interface, it becomes even interesting to use the software.

Classic Shell

Classic shell for Windows setup.
Classic shell for Windows setup.

Are you missing the look of the legacy Windows operating systems? Never worry because Classic Shell is an app that gives you that ability to go back memory lane to the classics. With this app, you can customize your windows to have menu styles just like Windows 95, XP or Windows 7 if you use Windows 10 at the moment. You can do a whole lot by selecting a start button, modify Windows’ keystroke behavior, search bar, among others, with Classic Shell app installed.

There are many powerful utility tools you can download from the internet. You can do some more research.
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