ZoneView: A Review Of Apps That Lets You View The Time Zone In Different Cities

Zoneview: Select your cities.
Zoneview: Select your cities.
ZoneView is an app that allows you to see what the time is in other cities around the world. Pick out from the list of more than 730 capitals of countries in the world to find out the time difference in those places. It displays 24 separate cities simultaneously on its customizable display interface.

You can highlight the cells with a different color mix of up to six different colors. International dialing codes of cities is a new update to this app. This software is designed for your Windows PC.



Simple yet useful.
Simple and intuitive design.

WorldClock is an app that shows the time of different cities all around the world in its small window. It is an easy to use software. It can be configured easily and fast too. It has a small memory footprint, a drop down configurable cities, synchronization capability of NTP time server, a good graphical display and has ‘always on top’ configuration. However, this software is lacking in color customization, transparency mode and it’s not well suited for Windows 10 operating system.


Qlock gives a new phase to world clock with many features. It can display multiple clocks of different cities simultaneously. You can customize the cities’ clocks with colors of your choice. Its memory footprint is relatively small. The display skin can be in any of the medium, small or large formats. It offers synchronization options for you to synchronize your PC to NTP time server’s. Many other great features are available in the Pro version of this software. For the free version, you can be sure to have many of the wonderful features to play around with.

NTP Time Zone Clock

A look on NTP Time Zone Clock
A look on NTP Time Zone Clock

This time zone clock provides a display in a single and easy to use window. The font size of this app changes automatically to fit the window when resized. It presents an NTP server with settings capability. You’d find a detailed list of countries and cities to make your selection from when using the app. The time display is visible in the taskbar even after minimizing the window. ‘

Some few issues are found with this app. It only displays a 24 hour time format without the option for settings on this. The transparent mode is unattractive and of low quality.


Instant Timezone configuration settings.
Instant Timezone configuration settings.

InstantTimeZone shows date and time of different Time zones. It affords you to set different colors for time of the day and make settings for alarm. It allows one alarm/day and it is repeatable. The app provides a function to connect automatically to any available NTP time servers for the PC’s clock synchronization.
The negative side to the app is the 9 clock display limitation. It also shows inconsistency when on display when you minimize the app. It doesn’t provide an easy way to set the time zone through the selection of countries and cities.

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