Reasons Why You Should Not Uninstall Your QuadRate Just Yet

Among the quality software developed by RJ Software is QuadRate. QuadRate is a PC analyzer, optimizer, and a cleanup tool that works with Windows operating systems. QuadRate is an utility software you should retain on your system for its many functions that are still relevant in today’s PC optimization mechanism.

These are what makes QuadRate still useful on your computer.


Quadrate’s simple user interface.

QuadRate app enables you to view the resources and configurations on your PC for you to resolve issues. With this app, you can easily customize settings to what you desire for your PC to serve your needs. With it, you can clean up both registry and unwanted personal files on your system. If you have a slow PC, QuadRate apps enables access to the hidden features that will help in its optimization and speed up.

Sys Information Tab

When you intend to have clear details about the system you are working with, QuadRate information tab provides all that you’d want to know about the technical aspects of your PC with just a click. It provides information about your computer’s hardware installation, CPU, BIOS information, operating system, user information, memory and other useful details that you might need for any technical support.

Desktop Tab

From the desktop tab, you can make changes to improve your PC appearance, access to your desktop and other menus.

The Performance Tab

The performance tab is where to find some advanced features of this app to help your PC run faster or to quickly boot. From here, you can have access to performance-enhancing memory, shutdown settings, file system and a quick access to some helpful tools from Microsoft to help you further.

Clean Up

Cleaning up your system can make it faster.

The cleanup tab ensures you are able to clean up unnecessary files like temporary internet files, unwanted backups and registry entries. Your hard drive can be optimized swiftly with this app to reduce security risks to your system.

Why You Should Still Retain This Software

Though QuadRate was released back then in 2003, it has been improved upon to still work fine. This makes it a secure tool to still retain for your PC maintenance.

It has also got a boost in compatibility with other Windows operating systems. So it can work well with Windows 98 and others above it such as windows 7, 8 and 10. You can go ahead and try this software on your PC as a demo or trial version. You can even try this software directly using your browser without needing to download and installing it on your PC. This is one new addition to not miss trying out.

Alternatives To Quadrate App

System Mechanic Pro

System Mechanic Pro installation DVD box.
System Mechanic Pro installation DVD box.

System mechanic Pro is a household name in software for PC optimization. It comes with all-in-one tools for all of your analysis, optimization and clean up needs. Well loved by brands and individuals, System Mechanic Pro works well with windows, with the latest update providing support for Windows 10 operating system. Some of its additional features are the data wiping function, privacy tool, data security, anti-malware and system errors and crash fixing tools.


CCleaner is a great PC utility software to maintain the good working condition of your PC. It optimizes windows registry and deals with removing junk files.
As a reliable utility software, it can help optimize your browsers and utility suits to ensure your system works securely and faster.
Some of its outstanding features are the PC Sanitizer, disk Drive Wiper, registry cleaner and detailed information for PC fine-tuning. You can find this software with versions for mobile devices aside for PC usage. It comes in the free, the pro and Pro plus versions.

AVG PC TuneUP can be installed on unlimited devices.
AVG PC TuneUP can be installed on unlimited devices.


This PC optimizing software is surely a software of class for PC optimization. It has a great feature in the I-click feature for your PC optimization. The new version supports Mac OS, Android devices, and Windows PC. The features include:
•    Programs de-activator
•    1-Click PC maintenance
•    Live optimization tools
•    An enhanced remote PC cleaning capability

You can have a 30-day trial for this software before going for the paid version which costs $49.99.