Amazing Things You Never Knew You Could Do With FNA

RJ Software’s FNA app is a multi-functional app for scientific calculation and unit conversion. The app is designed to implement four core operational modes. This includes statistics, base-n, trigonometry and unit conversion. Students in colleges and high schools, in particular, will find this utility software very useful in their mathematical and statistical calculations.

There are amazing ways and things you can do with FNA that you may not be aware of. Here are those you should find useful.

Conversion Of Units

Use unit conversion features even without internet.
Use unit conversion features even without internet connection.

This function is the major application almost everybody uses one time or another. With the unit conversion function, you can convert between Acceleration, Area, Angle, Energy, Density, Fuel Efficiency, Force, Energy, Length, Pressure, temperature and many other fundamental and derived units in physical sciences you can think of.

Complex Calculations

Among the four major utilities of FNA software is Base-n. This app can perform many difficult and complex mathematical problems such as operations involving gamma, factorial, permutations, combinations, logarithms, logic operations, trigonometric functions, among others.

Enough Memory Capacity

FNA app is built to give that privilege to save and recall between your sessions. It is designed with a 26 different memory register to save as much information as you may want to use later on in your calculation or data usage.

Special Calculations

You can find FNA app useful for special calculations. You can calculate heat index, get days between given dates and wind chills.

Periodic Table 

The Periodic table of elements.
The Periodic table of elements.

Chemistry is an important aspect of physical sciences. The FNA app now has a Periodic Table built in the app for reference purposes. You can get very important data about a chemical element from this software. Basic data about an element such as atomic weight and other properties can be referenced from FNA software. Another notable feature is the metric prefix conversion that is designed in a drop-down style.

You can do a whole lot more with this app when you take time to apply every functions provided in the design. There are yet other alternatives you may want to consider on unit conversion and calculator apps.



Qonverter is an utility software that gives you a 3-in-1 functionality. It is a unit converter, a currency converter and also a calculator. It presents a clean interface with sidebars showing the various units such as acceleration, Density, force, Length, luminance, and the rest of others. It is available for free download for your Windows PC.


ESBUnitConv has many conversion units to choose from.
ESBUnitConv has many conversion units to choose from.

ESBUnitConv is a user-friendly app for conversion between unit measurements. This includes units such as temperature, distance, area, pressure, velocity, radioactivity and Force. The paid version provides more features for conversions, paper trail, and more customization. It also comes with an improved calculator and support. For just $19, you can add this to your collection of utility apps on your PC.


Converber provides a powerful tool for conversions among 2072 units of measurements grouped into 53 categories. It can convert from the basic units such as from length to derived units of measurements such as force and power.  You can add your derived units using its equation editor and do some calculation with it using its online calculator.

Quad-Lock Unit Converter

Quad-Lock Unit Converter is a software that is available for free for windows users. This app takes care of every unit conversion you need done. It comes with more than 1000 units of measurements including engineering and everyday problems. It has a search feature to help you quickly find units.  It has a smart box for evaluating calculations including complex expressions.

Using this app saves you lots of time because it is very efficient and fast. Conversions are automatically done as you type along.