The Company Is Gone, The Legacy Remains – The Best Apps To Download Today

As always, RJ software is committed to bringing you the latest news regarding apps which you can and should download in order to improve your work as well as life. With the number of apps on the internet increasing at an exponential rate, it is indeed very difficult to download and test every app to see which one best fits your needs. We at RJ Software, as always, are still unswerving in bringing the most useful apps to you. By doing this, we hope to save you both time and money. So, let us take a look at some of the best apps you can download today.

Lil Humpers

Lil Humpers – built by Reality Kings

Lil Humpers wasn’t built by RJ Software but it is still an interesting piece of entertainment to check out. If you know Reality Kings brand you must know these guys came up with crazy brands over the last years. And the trend continues – with Lil Humpers and its idea to showcase the young dudes with older, experienced MILFs in funny various daily life situations leading to nothing but sexual moments.

Task Scheduler Apps

All of us face a hard time managing our…time. After all, in the 21st century, 24-hours a day may not seem enough. But you can get more out of your time by using a Task Scheduler App on Your PC. You can use Advanced Task Scheduler, Z-Cron, or Clockwise, developed in-house by us.

Calculator Apps

Need to calculate the grocery bill or how much you spent on shopping yesterday? Get a calculator app. Calculator apps, in spite of having been around for a pretty long time, are still useful today. Whether you are trying to complete your homework or managing your finances, there’s an app to suit you. Some of the best calculator apps to download are Calculator2, Calc Pro HD and Wolfram Alpha. Some of these apps are paid, so if you want similar utility for free, consider downloading RJ Software’s very own FNA.

PC Optimizer Apps

Have you noticed your PC lagging lately? The pages don’t open as fast as they used to, the booting is more sluggish or maybe the wait-icon just keeps spinning and spinning? Chances are that your hard drive has become loaded with a lot of junk files. This always happens as we make use of our computers over time. While hardware related issues are a separate case, any software problems can be got rid of by using proper PC optimization apps. Apps such as Iolo System Mechanic, CCleaner, IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 and Quadrate can help your PC up its performance again.

World Clock Apps

If you have friends and relatives who live abroad and in different time zones, then you must want to know about the time difference between them and you before you (accidentally, of course) disturb them in the middle of the night. This is easily done if you have a World Clock App On your computer. You can choose to use the World Clock-Time Zones app, Sharp World Clock, or try out ZoneView.

These are only some of the best apps available for download today. As with everything, you can expect the world of PC apps to evolve continually in order to bring better and better alternatives to the users. While some may think that RJ Software has outlived its usefulness, we are certain that our legacy remains unequalled.

Has RJ Software Outlived Its Usefulness?

Every single year, there are hundreds of apps that are developed by software engineers and developers. The internet has opened to us a world where interaction is quite easy and the technicality of our day to day activities have been simplified. The internet is now a necessary tool for the development of anything really. It is used at home, in schools, at the workplace and even in hospitals.

Since the internet is in so much use, then the applications that use the internet must be in even greater use. Without these applications, then the internet would not have as much use, and without these applications, our lives would not have been easier.

We all need applications for different reasons, and that is why software developers work really hard at making sure that there is something for everyone in the market.

Deep Lush Project

Deep Lush - Chemistry and Intimacy in Porn Videos

Deep Lush – Chemistry and Intimacy in Porn Videos

Some projects take all the attention of the developers and this is the case with RJ Software. The upcoming release of Deep Lush – an adults-only adventure into sex full of chemistry and interaction – has taken much of the manpower. The results are promising though. In this particular video series you will witness something rather rare – intercourse made in front of camera that is not only not dull, but the other way around – full of passion and chemistry between performers. Sounds impossible? It is, until Deep Lush be released later this spring!

Why We Need RJ Software?

RJ Software

Software development is not going to end because we can never have enough help. There is always going to be something new coming up and something better than the old version. The number of people in the world makes it necessary for as many apps as possible to be developed.

It would therefore be wrong to say that RJ software has outlived its usefulness. If anything, the demand of a platform such as RJ software has become even greater. Nobody would like to spend hours on the internet to find an application. In the same way, nobody would like to spend hours on the internet, only to find an application that is not suitable for them or for the purpose for which they needed the application in the first place.

Finding The Right Application

Find the right application.

RJ software is comprised of experienced professionals in the various fields of programmers and software developers. They ensure that everyone who visits their site is satisfied by what they get. For a long time, they have used so many different applications, and that is why they are one of the most competent teams if not the most competent, to point you towards the right direction when you are in the market for a practical application for your computer.

When it comes to choosing the right software for your computer, it is not just about the business you are involved in, or the education purpose it is for, or even the system upgrade software you want. If that was it, then no help would be required to choose. One would simply pick the first one they found and go with it. Instead, it is about the quality of the software that is in use.

Making Your Work Easier

Making Your Work Easier

In order to know about the quality of the software that you need, then there is no better person to tell you about it, than the person whose job is to create and use them.  When the internet first came about, software developers were all about creating software that would push technology to a better place. It was all about growth and helping people’s lives get much easier.

These days however, most people do it because of the money they could potentially make. While there are countless legitimate applications at our disposal, there are as many that are just a waste of time, space and money.

It is truly frustrating when what you are trying to find is not in the market. However, sometimes you end up looking for the wrong thing, not knowing that there is a better alternative at your disposal. RJ software has made it their business to help you find, not just what you want, but what you need. They will make sure that if you can find something that will suit your needs better, you will get it.

So rather than go through all the trouble, t is always a safe bet to involve professionals who know what they are doing; people whose main goal is to help you. With RJ software, you will be able to find software that you need in good time and at the best price available in case you have to pay for it. There cannot possibly be a better deal. The usefulness of RJ software is not likely to run out for a long time coming.

ZoneView: A Review Of Apps That Lets You View The Time Zone In Different Cities

Zoneview: Select your cities.

Zoneview: Select your cities.

ZoneView is an app that allows you to see what the time is in other cities around the world. Pick out from the list of more than 730 capitals of countries in the world to find out the time difference in those places. It displays 24 separate cities simultaneously on its customizable display interface.

You can highlight the cells with a different color mix of up to six different colors. International dialing codes of cities is a new update to this app. This software is designed for your Windows PC.



Simple yet useful.

Simple and intuitive design.

WorldClock is an app that shows the time of different cities all around the world in its small window. It is an easy to use software. It can be configured easily and fast too. It has a small memory footprint, a drop down configurable cities, synchronization capability of NTP time server, a good graphical display and has ‘always on top’ configuration. However, this software is lacking in color customization, transparency mode and it’s not well suited for Windows 10 operating system.


Qlock gives a new phase to world clock with many features. It can display multiple clocks of different cities simultaneously. You can customize the cities’ clocks with colors of your choice. Its memory footprint is relatively small. The display skin can be in any of the medium, small or large formats. It offers synchronization options for you to synchronize your PC to NTP time server’s. Many other great features are available in the Pro version of this software. For the free version, you can be sure to have many of the wonderful features to play around with.

NTP Time Zone Clock

A look on NTP Time Zone Clock

A look on NTP Time Zone Clock

This time zone clock provides a display in a single and easy to use window. The font size of this app changes automatically to fit the window when resized. It presents an NTP server with settings capability. You’d find a detailed list of countries and cities to make your selection from when using the app. The time display is visible in the taskbar even after minimizing the window. ‘

Some few issues are found with this app. It only displays a 24 hour time format without the option for settings on this. The transparent mode is unattractive and of low quality.


Instant Timezone configuration settings.

Instant Timezone configuration settings.

InstantTimeZone shows date and time of different Time zones. It affords you to set different colors for time of the day and make settings for alarm. It allows one alarm/day and it is repeatable. The app provides a function to connect automatically to any available NTP time servers for the PC’s clock synchronization.
The negative side to the app is the 9 clock display limitation. It also shows inconsistency when on display when you minimize the app. It doesn’t provide an easy way to set the time zone through the selection of countries and cities.

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Operating Systems That Supported RJ Software

RJ Software builds practical apps in various fields of application. They are a range of utility software like PC enhancement software, educational software, and Business software. The software products are built to work with Windows operating systems.

Here are the series of Windows operating systems that supported RJ software.

Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 95 operating system cover shot.

Microsoft Windows 95 operating system cover shot.

Windows 95 got released in 1995 with a significant upgrade to the windows design. It presents a new user interface and comes with additional internal improvement.

Windows 98

Windows 98 is an operating system that gives support to new technologies such as AGP, FAT32, MMX, DVD, USB, and ACPI. The distinctive feature of the OS is the active desktop that integrates the Internet Explorer browser.

Windows ME

Windows ME (Millennium Edition) was an update of Windows 98 core. It includes some of the features of Windows 2000 operating system. The versions saw the removal of the ‘boot in DOS’ operation.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 logo is very similar to Windows 98.

Windows 2000 logo is very similar to Windows 98.

Windows 2000 was designed to work with business laptops and desktops, to connect to the internet, run applications, access files, and printers, among others.

Windows XP

Released in 2001, Windows XP is notably one of the most popular of the Windows operating system. It has the professional and Home versions. It is the most stable and reliable of the windows OS products. Mobility, plug and play features among others, are features of focus by Microsoft.

Windows NT

Windows NT (New Technology) operating system is a 32-bit OS with preemptive multitasking capability. There are two versions – Windows NT server and Windows NT workstation.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista has the embossed logo.

Windows Vista has the embossed logo.

Windows Vista is built on the stability of Windows XP. It offers advancement in security, reliability, performance and manageability on what is available on Windows XP. It has strong security features, faster boot-up time, and low power consumption. Windows Vista centralizes and simplifies desktop configuration management and saves cost in maintenance of your system.

Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional boxshot.

Windows 7 Professional boxshot.

To succeed Windows Vista, Windows 7 was released in 2009. The new features in Windows 7 are multi-touch support, improved performance, Aero Shake Aero snap, Internet Explorer 8, enhanced performance and security, and the list goes on.

RJ software is compatible with Windows software that were released back then when the software solutions were built. All the products are compatible with many of the Windows versions above except Windows 2000 and Windows 7. These two only works with the popular Clockwise app.

The Clockwise app is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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What You Can Achieve With Trial Versions Before Staking Your Money On The Full Version

The trial version of a software is an app built to run for a given limited duration before it expires or stops working. The reason behind having a trial version for users is to enable them have a feel of what the software can do. This is in a bid to motivate or give the user the reason to go for the full version if satisfied with the trial.

Limitations Of Trial Version

Some limitations can be watermarks on the results.

Some limitations can be watermarks on the outputs.

The only difference in a trial version and the full version of a software is the limitation that comes with using the trial version. This can be in two ways.
For instance, the RJ Software products have 30 days trial period after which the user can then decide on paying for the full version. You are limited by time.
In addition, you can have a feature limitation on some trial versions. Many software trial versions have this limitation except a few. Using a trial version of software can restrict you from using some key features, for instance, the inability to export the resulting work done through the software.

What You Can Achieve With A Trial Version

Learn To Use And Execute Projects 

Most trial versions are free so you can take advantage of knowing the app.

Most trial versions are free so you can take advantage of knowing the app.

A trial version of software gives the user the opportunity to see how the software works. You can learn everything about the software before the trial expires.
If you have access to all features and functions of the software, you can do just anything that you’ll normally do with the full version. Your limiting factor here will then be the amount of time available to use the app. You can go ahead and do some real projects with the software.

Opportunity To Evaluate The Software

The trial version of software affords the user the opportunity to evaluate the software. You are able to know the usability and functional capabilities of the software. Look out for those features you think you cannot do without for this type of software if you already know what you want. You’d want to consider the simplicity of the interface and ease of use of the software. From this, you can decide whether to go for the paid version or not. It helps you reach a decision.

Most free alternatives are called "open source"

Most free alternatives are called “open source”.

Find Free Alternatives That Can Do Similar Tasks 

With advancement in technology, you will be surprised to know that you can find free software to do exactly what you are about to pay for. When using a free version of any software, you should be proactive. Take note of the features and search for similar features in a free software that is available for use. Learning to use the free version should help you to research more about similar software to get even better software that you can use for free.

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Utility Apps Every Windows User Must Have

When using a computer, we are greeted with options on the type of apps to install. While your choice will rest solely on what you need done with your PC, there are however, some utility software you need to installed to make life easier when using your computer.

Here is a list of utility software you should have installed on your computer especially if you use Windows operating system.

Franz: Messaging App

Franz is a free cross-service messaging app.

Franz is a free cross-service messaging app.

We are all engulfed in the social media. Except one lives under the rock, social media messaging services are used by everyone one that is connected to the internet. We all know how many of such services we have to cope with every day, so much that they are becoming too many to have time for.

Franz is a messaging app that allows you to have all messaging services in one place and in a window you can simply manage. It allows you to add as many messaging services to the app so you have them all in one view. So, getting your WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Telegram and other social media accounts in this app gives you comfort and to relate better with your friends. Franz allows you to add a new tab for every service.

ShareX: Screenshot App

ShareX: Different Capture Methods

ShareX: Different Capture Methods

Screenshots are useful for keeping records such as vital information or exciting moments. Using windows basic screenshot is not flexible enough to give all you’d want in your screenshot. ShareX is a great screenshot app that is free to use. It offers different capture methods, extra tools and an automated process for your screenshot. You’ll find tools like the ruler and color grabber with other outstanding features on the app. Its inbuilt editor is a powerful design that is based on Greenshot’s model.


f.lux is an automated software that adjusts the screen’s display color to prevent straining your eyes during night hours. At sunset, it automatically warms up the color and returns it to normal in the daytime. You have options as well to manually regulate the lighting to your preference for night and day. This is a useful app all windows users must have.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer logo

Team Viewer logo

Team viewer is the software that allows you to share your desktop with another in a remote location. If you want to check exactly what someone does on his computer, this simple tool allows you to do that. Remote employers who pay per hour can find this tool useful to monitor their employee’s activity on the computer.

Sumatra PDF

You might wonder what a PDF reader is doing here. Sumatra PDF is more than just a PDF reader. It is a utility app with other capabilities. It not only read PDF files but supports other notable formats like Mobi, ePub, DjVu, Comic Book and CHM. With its simple user interface, it becomes even interesting to use the software.

Classic Shell

Classic shell for Windows setup.

Classic shell for Windows setup.

Are you missing the look of the legacy Windows operating systems? Never worry because Classic Shell is an app that gives you that ability to go back memory lane to the classics. With this app, you can customize your windows to have menu styles just like Windows 95, XP or Windows 7 if you use Windows 10 at the moment. You can do a whole lot by selecting a start button, modify Windows’ keystroke behavior, search bar, among others, with Classic Shell app installed.

There are many powerful utility tools you can download from the internet. You can do some more research.
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AptiQuiz: Other Alternatives Test Apps

AptiQuiz is a unique software from RJ Software. The app allows you to create tests, take tests and also provides the final grading. Examiners and school administrators can securely generate tests for their students with this app.

As a simple software to use, you can control access to whoever you want to have access to the test through its authorization mechanism. AptiQuiz ensures test questions are presented at random, make question types unique to everybody taking the test through the app.
Test questions can go up to about 500 questions. The question format can be anyone requiring answers as False/True, Yes/No, Fill-in-the-blank space or multiple choice questions. The app provides answer options of up to six choices. You can decide to use this app to print out the test for your students or allow them to have it taken on your computer.
School administrators will surely find AptiQuiz a useful tool to make their assessment an easy one to do.


Easy Test Maker

Easy Test Maker: main question window

Easy Test Maker: main question window

Easy Test Maker is software that allows you to create tests for your students. The app presents a clear and easy to navigate interface, and a sidebar with the information you’d ever need. The test formats are multiple choice, short answers, True/False, Match the column and fill in the blanks style. You can have the tests and solutions printed out or you can choose to save it online for future use. Automatic grading features are available in the premium version. The Plus version costs $49.95/year while the premium costs $74.95/year. You can go with the free version to try it out.

Quiz Works

Quiz Works logo

Quiz Works logo

Quiz works is an online test maker that adds fun to taking assessment on a PC and on smartphones. You can create exams, assessments and educational games. The tests can be customized easily to meet requirements. The design of the site is to make learning and assessment fun and exciting for students. Quiz works can be integrated with social messaging services. The difficulty with learning to use the different options may be the downside to this software.

School House Technology

School House Technologies provide many learning categories.

School House Technologies provide many learning categories.

This test app is designed to create different versions of a test. Designed with teachers of varying level of abilities and learning levels in mind, School House Technologies provides the flexibility to rework tests using filters to meet different abilities of learning. The software provides worksheets activities and tests which is printable. It is only compatible with Windows operating system.

Pro Profs

Pro Profs is an online learning management system (LMS).

Pro Profs is an online learning management system (LMS).

Pro Profs Quiz maker is a good alternative app to AptiQuiz but not designed purely for educational use. It can be used by employers as a platform to conduct tests for their employees. It has various templates and live chat capabilities to assist users. It has a good site navigation that users can easily relate with. The feedback system is prompt and comes immediately after each question to aid learning while taking the test. It has many other great features such as surveys and poll taking depending on the version. The Social & edu plan costs $9, the Team plan costs $29 while the Business plan costs $69 and the enterprise is $129.

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Did RJ Software Offer A Better Deal In Terms Of Pricing Than Available Alternatives?

A lot determines what comes into fixing price for a product. The amount of time expended and the resources spent on producing the product are factors to fixing a product’s price.

Price is one of the top considerations of a consumer.

Price is one of the top considerations of a product consumer.

When it comes to software products, there is nothing different. In fact, it is going to be more expensive because developers and every member of a software development team are high profile individuals in the profession who get paid high sums for their services.
RJ software products are high-quality products that have lots of work put into them. Some of the notable products like Clockwise, AptiQuiz, QuadRate, and ZoneView are great designs with a global acceptance. Did RJ Software offer a better deal in pricing?

Comparing Prices

RJ Software’s products are fairly priced in the market when you look at the quality of work put into the products. In 2003, QuadRate price, for example, was put at $14.95 for the paid version. Though many alternatives at the time fall around the $10 mark, the price was still a good deal considering the amount of solution it provides and the lower technology available to work with at the time. Back then, desktop PCs, for instance, were much expensive than what it is today because of the enhancement in technology and availability of cheaper hardware products. So, it was really a fair deal at that amount.

Quadrate And Alternatives

VG PC TuneUp 2016 automatically runs important maintenance tasks

AVG PC TuneUp 2016 automatically runs important maintenance tasks.

Comparing the rate to alternative software like AVG PC Tune Up which today stands at $49.99 for the software. You’ll agree that the rate as at the time for QuadRate with fewer resources and technology to work with, was a good deal for users who bought into the software.

Aptiquiz And Similar Software

Educational resources are always expensive. So are software materials. If you take a look at the price of Easy Test Maker app of $49.95 for a yearly payment for the plus version and $74.95 for the premium version and compared to a once-off payment that holds with most of RJ software products, one can conclude that it was a better deal in terms of pricing for users.

Clockwise And Competing Software

RJ Software's most popular product - Clockwise.

RJ Software’s most popular product – Clockwise.

Clockwise is arguably the most popular of the RJ Software products. In 2007, this app costs $34.99 for the paid version. Though many alternatives were much less in price, the quality of the product here is what matters, including the performance and many diverse functions it is developed to do. It is a scheduling tool that is packed with lots of features and functions that were not matched by many apps at the period.

FNA Was Considerably Priced

FNA app is RJ Software’s design for unit conversion and a calculating device.

ESBUnitConv is similar software and a good alternative today. The paid version of this software goes for $19. RJ Software’s counterpart, FNA, does not cost this much.

As a matter of fact, RJ software products are fairly priced as at the time they were built. With the increasing availability of hardware resources and improved technology of today, one can conclude that users had a good deal for their money in purchasing the paid versions of RJ Software products.
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