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We believe that the incoming of the internet has offered us a whole lot to make life better through the use of computers and utilities in the internet.



At RJ Software, our commitment is to promoting useful software and it is not limited to educational, business or system enhancement software.



RJ Software envisions a cyber-environment where we all see the importance of using apps in our everyday living.

RJ Software is made up of a team of programmers and software developers who are committed to sharing quality information on practical applications that can help people do things in an easier and better way possible. Our primary goal is to find useful tools and apps for our readers to download from publishers. As a legacy website, RJ Software’s team has lots of experience with practical applications and knows exactly which would be good for our readers to download on their computer. We source some of our information from products we have published in the past and the alternatives available to users today on the internet.

Top of The Top – Streaming Section Brands

Brother Crush

Brother Crush – the latest development from the team. It’s set in adult industry and it features made-up, fantasy stories of love-making scenarios between two step brothers. Living under one roof built a big tension between these folks and now they are trying to do something about it. Official website

Model Time

Model Time – first development of 2020 and it’s a ground-breaking one. The time of silly storylines and prewritten scripts is over. Models are taking over and they have their own ideas about what to show you and how to please you. Are you ready to experience the never-seen before intimacy in videos? Check out the official website.

Project DTF

Project DTF – Reality Kings comes back with a big project in 2021. Imagine a house full of delightful teens ready to party and do whatever they want. The walls are theirs and they set the rules. What possibly could go wrong if it’s directed (or actually left to direct itself) by the company who started it all? Watch all the episodes on the official website now.


MixedX – when it comes to the most influential lesbian content from Europe you can go past this series without a proper stop. Watch the most stunning girls from Europe featured in storyline kind of girl/girl actions. All that directed by Christina Shine – an actress and director of so much good stuff! Official website

Public Agent

Public Agent – adventures of fake agents offering something special to just-met girls on streets of European cities. Watch them trick clueless ladies into some dirty public fun. A little of small talk, some money – obviously – and they all are willing to talk. Or even bit more than just talking. Official website

Sweet Sinner Logo

Sweet Sinner – couples in intimate, erotica-styled encounters. But wait… there is more – sinning has never been kinkier when your mind is full if filthy desires. Watch romance become something entirely different in this beautifully made exclusive series from Mile High Media studio. Official website

2023 Hall of Fame

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm features the finest unscripted fun you could ever imagine. Watch user submitted footage of dorm parties and its dares. Some of them are really something!

College Rules

College Rules is all about remembering the good old dorm times. Watch girls letting it go, watch guys being direct in their flirting and most importantly watch unscripted real life fun!

Big Tit Creampie

Big Tit Creampie is all about those brave busty women who are willing to receive creampies inside them. Watch Bangbros exclusive where guys get the double win.

Noir Male

Noir Male focuses on showing you the true face of black males when they get to perform with their gay partners. Watch the finest male on male entertainment where mix of ethnicities is something crucial!


We know we are called to serve in a different capacity at this time and thus take full responsibility to research, evaluate and ensure we give out the very best to those who come our way.

Our dream is for everyone in the future enjoys using an app.

The Future


We look towards a future where everyone enjoys using an app.

The future holds great and we know that when you move along with us on this journey, we can together make things happen faster than when done alone. That is why the call is to all. Get on the boat and start rocking an utility app on your PC. It all begins with each and every one of us to take action. This is how we find joy and happiness when people benefit from what we do.

Read some articles on the popular RJ Software products below.

A Review Of Clockwise And Today’s Alternative

If you are looking for task scheduler software, Clockwise app is just the right one for you. It is a clock, calendar, stopwatch, timer, reminder and generally a scheduler system. For the various of schedules that can be done with this app, the little flaws if any at all in the features are nothing significant.

Amazing Things You Never Knew You Could Do With FNA

RJ Software’s FNA app is a multi-functional app for scientific calculation and unit conversion. The app is designed to implement four core operational modes. This includes statistics, base-n, trigonometry and unit conversion. Students in colleges and high schools, in particular, will find this utility software very useful in their mathematical and statistical calculations.


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