Did RJ Software Offer A Better Deal In Terms Of Pricing Than Available Alternatives?

A lot determines what comes into fixing price for a product. The amount of time expended and the resources spent on producing the product are factors to fixing a product’s price.

Price is one of the top considerations of a consumer.
Price is one of the top considerations of a product consumer.

When it comes to software products, there is nothing different. In fact, it is going to be more expensive because developers and every member of a software development team are high profile individuals in the profession who get paid high sums for their services.
RJ software products are high-quality products that have lots of work put into them. Some of the notable products like Clockwise, AptiQuiz, QuadRate, and ZoneView are great designs with a global acceptance. Did RJ Software offer a better deal in pricing?

Comparing Prices

RJ Software’s products are fairly priced in the market when you look at the quality of work put into the products. In 2003, QuadRate price, for example, was put at $14.95 for the paid version. Though many alternatives at the time fall around the $10 mark, the price was still a good deal considering the amount of solution it provides and the lower technology available to work with at the time. Back then, desktop PCs, for instance, were much expensive than what it is today because of the enhancement in technology and availability of cheaper hardware products. So, it was really a fair deal at that amount.

Quadrate And Alternatives

VG PC TuneUp 2016 automatically runs important maintenance tasks
AVG PC TuneUp 2016 automatically runs important maintenance tasks.

Comparing the rate to alternative software like AVG PC Tune Up which today stands at $49.99 for the software. You’ll agree that the rate as at the time for QuadRate with fewer resources and technology to work with, was a good deal for users who bought into the software.

Aptiquiz And Similar Software

Educational resources are always expensive. So are software materials. If you take a look at the price of Easy Test Maker app of $49.95 for a yearly payment for the plus version and $74.95 for the premium version and compared to a once-off payment that holds with most of RJ software products, one can conclude that it was a better deal in terms of pricing for users.

Clockwise And Competing Software

RJ Software's most popular product - Clockwise.
RJ Software’s most popular product – Clockwise.

Clockwise is arguably the most popular of the RJ Software products. In 2007, this app costs $34.99 for the paid version. Though many alternatives were much less in price, the quality of the product here is what matters, including the performance and many diverse functions it is developed to do. It is a scheduling tool that is packed with lots of features and functions that were not matched by many apps at the period.

FNA Was Considerably Priced

FNA app is RJ Software’s design for unit conversion and a calculating device.

ESBUnitConv is similar software and a good alternative today. The paid version of this software goes for $19. RJ Software’s counterpart, FNA, does not cost this much.

As a matter of fact, RJ software products are fairly priced as at the time they were built. With the increasing availability of hardware resources and improved technology of today, one can conclude that users had a good deal for their money in purchasing the paid versions of RJ Software products.
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