AptiQuiz: Other Alternatives Test Apps

AptiQuiz is a unique software from RJ Software. The app allows you to create tests, take tests and also provides the final grading. Examiners and school administrators can securely generate tests for their students with this app.

As a simple software to use, you can control access to whoever you want to have access to the test through its authorization mechanism. AptiQuiz ensures test questions are presented at random, make question types unique to everybody taking the test through the app.
Test questions can go up to about 500 questions. The question format can be anyone requiring answers as False/True, Yes/No, Fill-in-the-blank space or multiple choice questions. The app provides answer options of up to six choices. You can decide to use this app to print out the test for your students or allow them to have it taken on your computer.
School administrators will surely find AptiQuiz a useful tool to make their assessment an easy one to do.


Easy Test Maker

Easy Test Maker: main question window
Easy Test Maker: main question window

Easy Test Maker is software that allows you to create tests for your students. The app presents a clear and easy to navigate interface, and a sidebar with the information you’d ever need. The test formats are multiple choice, short answers, True/False, Match the column and fill in the blanks style. You can have the tests and solutions printed out or you can choose to save it online for future use. Automatic grading features are available in the premium version. The Plus version costs $49.95/year while the premium costs $74.95/year. You can go with the free version to try it out.

Quiz Works

Quiz Works logo
Quiz Works logo

Quiz works is an online test maker that adds fun to taking assessment on a PC and on smartphones. You can create exams, assessments and educational games. The tests can be customized easily to meet requirements. The design of the site is to make learning and assessment fun and exciting for students. Quiz works can be integrated with social messaging services. The difficulty with learning to use the different options may be the downside to this software.

School House Technology

School House Technologies provide many learning categories.
School House Technologies provide many learning categories.

This test app is designed to create different versions of a test. Designed with teachers of varying level of abilities and learning levels in mind, School House Technologies provides the flexibility to rework tests using filters to meet different abilities of learning. The software provides worksheets activities and tests which is printable. It is only compatible with Windows operating system.

Pro Profs

Pro Profs is an online learning management system (LMS).
Pro Profs is an online learning management system (LMS).

Pro Profs Quiz maker is a good alternative app to AptiQuiz but not designed purely for educational use. It can be used by employers as a platform to conduct tests for their employees. It has various templates and live chat capabilities to assist users. It has a good site navigation that users can easily relate with. The feedback system is prompt and comes immediately after each question to aid learning while taking the test. It has many other great features such as surveys and poll taking depending on the version. The Social & edu plan costs $9, the Team plan costs $29 while the Business plan costs $69 and the enterprise is $129.

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